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Player Step Result Profit
ahm**** 3 ƀ 0.0
yfr**** 1 ƀ 70.0
sok**** 1 ƀ 70.0
sco**** 3 ƀ 0.0
dob**** 3 ƀ 0.0

Luckiest players

Player Bet Step Winning
mik**** ƀ 10000.0 5 ƀ 976000.0
ale**** ƀ 10000.0 4 ƀ 328000.0
gen**** ƀ 10000.0 4 ƀ 328000.0
pum**** ƀ 10000.0 4 ƀ 328000.0
gri**** ƀ 10000.0 4 ƀ 328000.0

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I start playing?
  • In order to start, you should make an account on our website. Following the top-up instructions refill your balance with one of the ways offered and you can start playing our games.
  • The game is not working
  • What currencies can I pay for the tickets with?
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People really win

I won 1btc and was over the moon, cheers true flip
Out**** Won 1.61200 BTC
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