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Pirate Bay

A simple number game with instant payouts, open source code, fair draw process and transparent prize fund


US$ 4,432

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Recent bets

Player Step Result Profit
ahm**** 1 ƀ -100.0
lpa**** 3 ƀ -100.0
eva**** 3 ƀ -80.0
pan**** 2 ƀ -20.0
ahm**** 1 ƀ 0.0

Luckiest players

Player Bet Step Winning
mik**** ƀ 10000.0 5 ƀ 976000.0
gen**** ƀ 10000.0 4 ƀ 328000.0
pum**** ƀ 10000.0 4 ƀ 328000.0
gri**** ƀ 10000.0 4 ƀ 328000.0
gri**** ƀ 2000.0 5 ƀ 195200.0

Games played


Raffled since inception

16.093 BTC

Why True Flip

Instant payouts
No commission
60% of the bet amount join the prize fund
Full transparency

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I change my account password?
  • Sign into our website, press the profile icon and select Settings in the drop-down menu. Then go to the password section to change your password.
  • How do I activate the two-factor authentication (2FA)?
  • Why is my balance showing 0 even after I’ve topped it up?
More answers in our Help Center

People really win

I won 1btc and was over the moon, cheers true flip
Out**** Won 1.61200 BTC
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