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How to play


Pirate Bay: play and win

Simply press the "Play" button in the left side bar – you will see the main game page. Find your balance in the header – also, set the balance to display in the most convenient way for you. Pirate Bay is a simple user-friendly game – just select 1 of the 3 cells in each of the game's 5-line fields. Each cell conceals a result – win, lose, or end the game without losing the amount you originally bet. The game goes up from the bottom to the top. Make your bet at the bottom of the screen and start the game by pushing the "Play" button.

Pirate Bay: play and win
Pirate Bay: Make bets

Make a bet

Click on "+" to increase or "-" to decrease your bet. You can click on «MAX» button for the highest bet possible, or «MIN» for the minimum bet. The higher the bet, the more you win. Check the possible winnings on the right side of the game field.


Start playing

Just click the "Play" button and you'll see the first row blinking. In the first row, choose one cell that you think might be a winner. Each cell in the row hides one of three results: win, lose, or end the game without losing the amount you originally bet.

Pirate Bay: Start to play
Pirate Bay: Open the cells

Choose a box

"Gold Coin" gets you up to a new line. It means you’ve guessed it right and you are one step closer to winning! "Anchor" ends the game without losing your initial bet. "Black Mark" means you lost. Try again! Only one "Gold Coin", one "Anchor" and one "Black Mark" are hidden in each row of the game field.


Win a superprize!

The goal is to get to top and hit the main prize moving up step by step. The higher you get, the more you win. Every time you move up to a new line you can stop the game and take your current prize by clicking on "Take" or continue playing to win even more by getting up to the top. Try your luck! Get to the last row, hit the "Chest of gold" and the superprize is yours!

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Pirate Bay: Take a superprize
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